Volunteer Agreement

The St. Peter Youth Wrestling Club exists primarily on the strength of our fundraising abilities. These fundraising opportunities have allowed our club to continue growing and expanding. We are able to deliver the highest level of commitment to the sport of wrestling for youth in our community. Our fundraisers are only possible through the efforts of our volunteers who dedicate their time and passion to the sport of wrestling for our organization.

Volunteer Deposit and Requirements

In an effort to expand our capability to deliver successful fundraisers and to build upon the success we have had in strengthening the sport of wrestling locally, we will require registered St. Peter Youth Wrestling families to provide a $150.00 volunteer deposit at the start of the Folkstyle wresting season in November and complete at least two (2) total volunteer shifts to receive your deposit back at the end of the season.   The only exception is for families who have completed their volunteer requirements before the start of the season (e.g. between May and November they have already volunteered for at least two shifts).

Examples of volunteer opportunities may include assisting at the St. Peter hosted wrestling tournaments, bingo fund raising events, or other various engagements and opportunities that our club pursues and communicates to members throughout the year.  The timeframe to complete your volunteer requirements will start on May 1st (leading up to the next Folkstyle wrestling season starting in November) and must be completed on or before April 30th which marks the end of the state tournament.  For example, a Folkstyle season starting in November 2022, to meet your volunteer requirements as described below, each family would need to work two (2) shifts between May 1, 2022 and April 30, 2023.

The deposit of $150.00 can be supplied in the form of a check that we do not cash and will be returned to you after the Wrestling Club allows for many volunteer opportunities throughout the wrestling season.  Our current expectation is that families that do volunteer sign up for two (2) total events throughout the season which are scheduled as individual events (such as a bingo night which amounts to ~2-3 hours of commitment) or a tournament shift such as registration table (which amounts to ~3-4 hours of commitment).  Thus in total we are looking for ~6-8 hours of time commitment for volunteering per family per year (note - this is per family not per wrestler).  You can view current opportunities below and find a description of the types of jobs we typically offer at our Volunteer Sign Up Page.