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One of our largest fund raising opportunities for our club is hosting tournaments.  When it comes to hosting individual and team tournaments at the high school, we rely on the dedication and support of parent and community volunteers to ensure the success of these events during the season.  Please review our Volunteer Agreement which outlines our requirements and expectations for our members including deposits and time investment.

Available Volunteer Shifts

For our 2022-2023 Folkstyle Wrestling season we will be once again asking for volunteer to help with activities such as local community bingo events, restaurant working opportunities for fund raising, and tournaments that we host during the regular season.  Use the button below to view current opportunities.

In the sections below you will find an overview of the types of jobs that we typically ask for volunteer help with.

Types of Volunteer Opportunities

Bingo Fund Raisers

We typically secure at least two bingo events between the St. Peter Legion Post 37 and the Red Men Club in St. Peter which allow us to supply workers to hand out bingo cards and treats in exchange for a portion of the proceeds.  We typically look for 4 to 6 volunteers for these events to help sell bingo cards and snacks.

Derby Car Raffle and County Fair Booth Operators

When the Nicollet County Fair runs in August, the St. Peter Wrestling Club offers a grand prize for our annual raffle to a lucky winner to be able to drive the car in the demolition derby.  We sell raffle tickets during the summer and need the help of our members to sell as many raffle tickets as we can as this is our biggest fund raising event of the year.  In addition to club members helping us sell tickets independently we look for volunteers to help us operate the booth at the fair from Wednesday through Sunday where the primary duty is to help promote the club, answer questions of people that stop by to view our booth, and sell raffle tickets.

Restaurant Fund Raisers

There are local restaurants that we have worked with in the past that offer different kinds of fund raising opportunities.  In most cases the restaurants offer specific dates and times where portions of the dining proceeds would be offered to the club based on sales volume.  In some cases they also ask for volunteers to help with restaurant operations such as seating guests or clearing tables.

Tournament Jobs

The types of jobs that are available at tournaments are described below.  If you are new to wrestling and are unsure about a particular job, please feel free to reach out to our team with questions before signing up.

Registration Table

Volunteers working at the registration table collect entry forms and fees from wrestlers and spectators.  Duties include:

    • Assist families with questions they have about wrestling registration forms and help them complete them when needed
    • Directing wrestlers where to go following registration such as pointing them to the main gym or the weigh in area

Weigh In

Volunteers working in the weigh in area will observe and record wrestlers weights onto designated sheets.  Duties include:

    • Directing wrestlers who have completed their skin check to step onto a scale and record their weight onto their registration form.
    • Ensure that registration forms are provided to the Bracketing team volunteers so that they can setup matches.


Volunteers working in this role will review all wrestler registration forms and create 3-5 man brackets as fair and competitive as possible based on ability, age, and weight.  Bracketing is only done during individual tournaments.  Duties include:

    • Coordinating with the weigh in and registration teams to ensure that all information is accurately captured and delivered.
    • Organize and document all registered wrestlers into appropriate groups based on weights, age, and skill levels recorded on registration.  This information will be used by the staging crew to group wrestlers and get them to the appropriate mat when it is time to wrestle.


 Volunteers working in this role are in charge of arranging wrestlers into appropriate brackets provided by the bracket team.  Duties include:

    • Directing where parents and students should be standing when called into the staging area and providing instructions to parents on how you will be calling wrestlers out into the groups and getting them ready to wrestle.
    • Call the names of wrestlers that are a part of each bracket based on the information provided by the bracketing team.  The wrestlers should be physically assembled in close proximity for their group and assigned to a runner that will lead them out to their mats.
    • Ensure that groups stay together in the staging area and that they are not released to the mats until the spotters have indicated that there is a mat available.


A runner is a child volunteer (typically siblings of wrestling families of age 10+) who is in charge of leading wrestlers that are part of a bracket to the mat they are assigned.  Duties include:

    • Helping in the staging area by being assigned to a group of wrestlers that are part of a bracket.
    • Leading a bracketed group of wrestlers to their assigned mat when the spotters have indicated a mat is ready.
    • Helping on the mat by notifying the referee when the time has expired for a period.


Volunteers working in this role will observe the mats in the main gym in order to inform the staging volunteers and runners of open mats which are ready to take new wrestling brackets.  Duties include:

    • Coordinating with the runners when a new mat opens up and is ready for a new bracket of wrestlers.
    • Providing status updates to the staging area to keep the flow moving from staging to mat as efficient as possible.


Volunteers who work in concessions may ultimately help in different areas of serving food and refreshments to customers at the event.  Duties can include:

    • Working in the main concessions stand that serves hot food and beverages by taking orders and collecting money.
    • Working near the registration table selling snacks and baked goods that have been prepared and donated by wrestling families for sale.
    • In some cases for early concession shifts there may be a table serving hot breakfast food prior to opening the main concession stand.


Volunteers who work at the awards area will be in charge of reviewing bracket results provided by wrestlers and present the proper awards to each wrestler.   Duties include:

    • Monitor for parents carrying a paper with bracket results and ensure that each wrestler in the bracket is given the appropriate award (and t-shirt to the winner if applicable).
    • Monitor the podium where wrestlers from a bracket can stand on and get their pictures taken.  Ensure that families get a few moments to get their wrestlers on there for pictures, but keep the process moving and direct people as they come into awards and move towards the results podium.